Flypress Films: The power of video storytelling

This is the story of Flypress Films, a video production company specializing in corporate storytelling (with thanks to Enticity for bringing Flypress to Red Door):

Every once in a while you put good people and good ideas together and magic happens. That's the kind of dynamic that drives Flypress.

 Richard James, founder and lead storyteller, describes the Flypress team as "small but intensely in sync. Our close-knit work environment suits us perfectly, and we collaborate with a select group of creative partners when we need to bring in specialized talent."

 It all started with Richard's innate talent for connecting with people. His years engaging audiences as a lead vocalist and guitar player on stages across North America in the late 1990s nurtured that talent. But that's another story.*

 Richard's emergence as a cinematographer began when a friend invited him to assist with some video production. Richard immediately fell in love with this multifaceted way of capturing the essence of a story. Of course, he had no idea just how far one of his very first projects would take him.

 You may have seen it. Richard is the creator of the worldwide YouTube sensation "Emily's Hair," which over five million people (and counting) have viewed. It turned the heads of TV show producers from Ellen, Good Morning America, CNN, The Doctors, and The View. Meant as a family keepsake video of his daughter's first haircut, "Emily's Hair" unintentionally captured hearts around the world.

 "Emily's Hair" also confirmed Richard's belief in the power of storytelling.

 "It's about giving people an emotional experience. Like when a presenter steps away from a scripted PowerPoint presentation to tell a story. How that just immediately captures everyone's attention. And it's the story that people are going to remember the most from that presentation."

 Inspired by the power of video to tell meaningful stories, Richard teamed up with two other creative minds: Amy James, a multi-tasking genius with a talent for over-the-top customer care, and Dennis Michaelis, art director extraordinaire.

 And so Flypress was born.

 Today, Richard, Amy, and Dennis are reinventing corporate video production.

 The Flypress team works closely with each client to generate a clear, authentic snapshot of what that client's brand is about. From this place of authenticity the team creates the emotion-driven stories that connect so profoundly with people.

 Richard's reputation as a corporate video influencer has brought him back to the stage, this time as a popular public speaker sharing what he knows about crafting authentic brand stories. But hey, once he's up there you might be able to convince him to play a tune or two.

 *In 2003, Richard's band, Out of the Monetary, signed with Warner Music and produced their debut album with Barrett Jones, noted for his work with Nirvana and Foo Fighters. And yes, it was quite a time.