What does it take to become a foster parent?

If you're thinking about becoming a foster parent, you likely have lots of questions. You may wonder if you need special qualifications or if you're even eligible to foster a child:

  Katie, a foster mom with two adopted children of her own, remembers her emotionally-charged first meeting with a young teen who arrived with all her belongings crammed into two garbage bags: "You know she's terrified . . . and we're a bit terrified . . . and she's this lovely, lovely young lady who for all intents and purposes...

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Shelldale Better Beginnings, Better Futures: Andy's Story

 Shelldale Better Beginnings, Better Futures supports the healthy development of children and strong family and community connections within Guelph's Willow Road area. This is Andy's story.  

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GNSC: Alisha

 With the support and guidance of the GNSC, Alisha became a yoga teacher. Here's how she's paying that forward.

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Family & Children's Services: From six to 60

Family & Children's Services in Guelph Ontario is changing lives with the amazing Finding Permanency program:

Danny was used to feeling the hit of profound loneliness at regular intervals throughout the year, and most keenly at Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not to mention his birthday. As a 14-year-old Crown ward in care since he was a toddler, Danny has spent too many of those special occasions alone or with staff members he knows are paid to...

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Family & Children's Services: Meaningful work

The Finding Permanency program is also changing the lives of staff at Family & Children's Services:

As a child, Amy Gowing immersed herself in Choose Your Own Adventure detective stories. Today, her work as a family finder with the Finding Permanency project at Family & Children's Services (F&CS) is reminiscent of that make-your-own story series.  Family finding is about mining case files looking for people, including non-relatives, who are or were connected to a child. It's...

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Flypress Films: The power of video storytelling

This is the story of Flypress Films, a video production company specializing in corporate storytelling (with thanks to Enticity for bringing Flypress to Red Door):

Every once in a while you put good people and good ideas together and magic happens. That's the kind of dynamic that drives Flypress.  Richard James, founder and lead storyteller, describes the Flypress team as "small but intensely in sync. Our close-knit work environment suits us perfectly, and we collaborate with a select group of creative partners when we need...

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