Although I specialize in written and video storytelling, I also write award-winning annual reports, speeches, resource booklets, marketing material for provincial and federal election candidates, blogs, website content, press releases, citations for university convocation ceremonies, nomination packages for awards ceremonies, and writing workshops.

Family & Children's Services of Guelph and Wellington County

I write and film stories for Family & Children's Services to highlight how amazing programs like Finding Permanency and Circle of Security are changing the lives of children, parents, and F&CS staff. 


In conjunction with Enticity, a boutique strategic branding agency, I write stories for clients such as Flypress Films and Josefik Design and Renovation.

Waterloo Wellington Regional Cancer Program

Waterloo Wellington Regional Cancer Program coordinates the delivery and quality of cancer care services in the Waterloo Wellington region as part of Cancer Care Ontario's (CCO) outreach. I adapted CCO screening recommendations for breast, cervical, and colorectal cancers into a 42-page booklet that was distributed to family physicians and other primary care givers throughout Waterloo and Wellington regions.

University of Toronto

Environmental stewardship is a priority for U of T. In partnership with Northern Village website services, I produced the text for a wall-mounted display unit and an accompanying touch-screen kiosk highlighting over 80 of U of T's environmental initiatives. 

Guelph Community Health Centre

Guelph CHC collaborates with community partners to provide access to health programs and services in Guelph and create opportunities for people to improve their well-being:

  • produced content for the Guelph CHC's website 

  • created the Guelph CHC Style Guide (a staff guide for writing and editing, including sections on format, terminology, grammar, punctuation, and spelling)

  • developed and presented of a writing workshop for Guelph CHC staff

I also edit correspondence, newsletters, annual reports, and brochures for Guelph CHC.


SNC-Lavalin is a world-leading engineering and construction firm with annual revenues in excess of $10 billion. In 2010, I wrote the primary text for SNC-Lavalin's annual report.

The report went on to win a Silver Award at an international competition sponsored by the League of American Communications Professionals (LACP). The LACP gave the text a 10 out of 10. (

The report was subsequently selected as one of the top 20 annual reports in Canada and received an Award of Excellence in Corporate Reporting from Chartered Accountants of Canada.

In 2013, I drafted the primary text for SNC-Lavalin's 2013 annual report. This report went on to win a Gold Award from the LACP.

Dave Loney

Dave Loney is an executive coach and senior certified Birkman consultant who specializes in guiding senior executives and their teams to focus on and positively impact personal, team, and organizational development. I created the text for Dave Loney's executive coaching website.


Spaces2Grow is an online service and community database that provides people with personalized advice on how to grow their own food, regardless of their property size. In conjunction with Barking Dog Studios, I provided writing and editing services for the marketing pages of the Spaces2Grow website.

Stryder Performance

Stryder Performance offers executive coaching and advising services for individuals and organizations. Stryder Performance also produces e-books on business management and career development best practices. I have provided writing and editing services for three of those books.

Kamarianakis Estates

Kamarianakis Estates produces luxury hand-crafted olive oils. In conjunction with Stacey Curry Gunn Communications, I wrote press releases and backgrounders and carried out media relations for Artemis and Twisted Pit olive oils leading to interviews with CBC, The Toronto Star, Exchange Magazine, and local newspapers. These activities resulted in a 30 per cent increase in top line revenue for the company. 


Metalumen is an international lighting company that manufactures lighting fixtures for a variety of institutional applications including transportation, education, office space, and health care. I produced the text for a 15-page catalogue highlighting Metalumen's latest products.

Cambridge Carpet Cleaning

 In partnership with, a senior sales and marketing consultant firm with offices across Southwestern Ontario, I developed the marketing statements and wrote the text for Cambridge Carpet Cleaning's marketing materials, including a website and sales sheets.

Healing Sanctuary

The Healing Sanctuary offers nutrition counselling, Reiki treatment, life coaching, and meditation services. I provided the text for the Healing Sanctuary website.


In partnership with Stacey Curry Gunn Communications, I created a writing workshop and manual which includes exercises, resource materials, and instruction on writing for various formats, addressing writer's block, sentence and paragraph structure, editing, grammar, and punctuation.

This workshop has been included in the curriculum of the Guelph-Wellington Business Enterprise Centre.

Workshop Testimonials

Workshop Flyer

University of Guelph

  • transcriptions captured and edited from a one-day national forum
  • transcriptions captured and edited from a three-day international symposium
  • editing for the department of Co-operative Education and Career Services